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Distribution of Spirits and beer in belgium

We are now considering adding 3rd party brands to our portfolio

We love beverages and cover both alcoholic (spirits, beer, cider) as well as non-alcoholic beverages (craft drinks, mixers, bitters, concentrate, tonic & organic beverages).

After building our own core range of products and brands, expanding our account base and developing the promotional and marketing support, we are now looking to add 3rd party brands that are complementary to our existing portfolio. We are mostly interested in brands that have proven success in other countries and have build-up a social media following and level of success.

We offer the necessary distributor, sales, marketing and promotional services that are needed to build and grow brands in Belgium. We are open for partners to custom pick our services.

Existing customer base

- We have developed strong relationships with a wide range of accounts in both the on and off-premise. Our products are already sold in major retailers such as Delhaize, Carrefour and we sell our spirits to the top cocktail bars and our beer to the best beer bars. In addition, we work with a wide range of independent and various 'drankenhandels'.

- We sell to various online shops that showcase brands with storytelling and compelling photography. This customer base can expand the reach of products to more consumers.

- Our products are also sold in the Belgian Duty Free and we can leverage our existing relationships

- Our own brands sell-through and have strong repeat. This has allowed us to develop close relationships with our account base that provide trust in what we recommend to them.


Sales team with on-going customer relationships

- We have our own salary based employees that provide year-round support to both drive distribution and sell-through.

- In addition, we have a network of independent sales reps that provide additional geographical coverage


Presence at festivals or events

We participate to a wide range of festivals:

- beer festivals

- spirits festials

- gin festivals

- holiday markets

We have an ongoing calendar of events that we are executing. We know which festivals are worthwhile to participate in and which are not. We have a strong knowledge build up over the last 3 years.

Three partners with senior level experience at the biggest beer and spirits companies

- Toni, Frederik en Filip have worked at AB-Inbev, Heineken, Pernod-Ricard, local beverage retailers and have extensive knowledge of the trends in beer, cocktail, mixology and beverages. 

In-store sampling and Horeca events

- We have a strong sampling team in place. We have trained and educated a staff so that we can execute both an engaging as well as a selling focused sampling.

- We receive many requests for events or sponsorships in bars or restaurants. These are a great way to educate consumers.

Social media management in Dutch or French

- Social media is very important to provide support for brands. Since we already manage the social media for our own brands, we can offer to provide photos and posts in the local language that can be posted to your brand pages.

Logistical and delivery infrastructure

- We have several warehouses in Belgium where we store our products. This allows us to optimize our shipments to customers.

- We have set-up several logistical partners that help us with deliveries. The challenge with smaller brands is that often customers place a starting order of 1 case. Because we already deliver to those accounts we can combine orders and realize delivery synergies.

Cocktail creation and mixology

- We have several experts in cocktail creation in our team and how to collaborate with top mixologists. We know what works in the local market and provide advise and services to create the right cocktails.

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