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Belgin gins received 3 gold medals for its gins:
- Gold medal at the WSWA spirits competition in Las Vegas, USA
- Gold medal at the gin masters for best micro distilled gin, London, UK
- gold medal at the gin masters for best super premium gin, London, UK

the origin of gin is belgian


  • Belgin gins are Belgian gins inspired by: 


             - 500 years of Belgium expertise in distilling Jenever, the forefather of gin with its main ingredient of juniper


             - Belgium's rich spice trade, going back to medieval times when it imported spices from around the world through the ports of Brugge & Antwerp


             - The famous herb and botanical gardens from Belgian monasteries and Abbeys which have been a wealth of flavor inspiration


             - Belgium's famous beer tradition (all Belgin gins include fresh Belgian hops)


  • Belgin gins are ultra- refined, wonderfully elegant and smooth while fully delivering flavour, body and character

  • Handcrafted in Belgium in small batches.​ We are an artisanal craft distiller and our batches are as small as a few bottles and are fully made by hand. The result is considerably more wondrous and of incredible high quality.


Complex - 43% alc - 50 botanicals

belgin fresh hop

smooth - 40% alc - 17 botanicals

belgin ultra 13

classic - 41.4% alc - 13 botanicals

belgin raspberry rosé

Available in 50cl and 20cl

Available in 50cl and 20cl

fruity - 38% alc - 18 botanicals

belgin fresh citrus

REFRESHING - 38% alc - 19 botanicals