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Belgenius - The ingenious Belgian Micro Brewery

Micro crafted Belgian beers brewed with ingenuity and artistic inspiration
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We believe that there is a need for a new generation of Belgian beers. We love our Belgian tradition but we want to push beyond what exists on the market. We believe in handcrafted and small-batch artistic innovation in both style, taste and design.  

Belgian Haze IPA

Belgenius Belgian Haze IPA NEIPA

The recipe of this hazy India Pale Ale is as playful as the Belgian shepherd dog. We combine late and dry hopping with a unique yeast that complements fruity hoppy flavors. In true Belgian tradition, we do not filter the beer and do a secondary fermentation in the bottle to maximize all the goodness. The combination of these techniques create a natural haze and a pleasant citrusy and abrikoos bitter taste.


- 6.5% alc/vol

- 40 IBU

- New England IPA style

Belgenius Belgian haze ipa neipa dranken

Top Hoppig Bier


Het recept van deze wazige India Pale Ale is net zo speels als de Belgische herdershond.

We combineren late en droge hopping met een unieke gist die een aanvulling is op fruitige hoppige smaken.

In de echte Belgische traditie filteren we het bier niet en doen we een tweede gisting in de fles om al het goede te maximaliseren.

De combinatie van deze technieken en ingrediënten zorgt voor een natuurlijke waas en een aangename citrus en abrikoos bittere smaak.

Citrus Hopped Golden Ale

Belgenius Citrus Hopped Golden Ale Front

Brewed with 3 citrus hops:

- Citra

- Simcoe

- Centennial

Dry and late hopped to extract the citrus and fruity hop aromas.

Refermented in the bottle with a special Belgian yeast


- 7.5% alc/vol

- 29 IBU

Belgenius Citrus Strong Golden Ale

Dare to be tempted

Belgenius citrus hopped golden ale citro

Inspired by the garden of Hesperides. The nymphs of evening and light, protect the golden citrus tree that lies within and its fruit that grant immortality when eaten. Discover the virtue of temptation in our craft beer brewed with 3 perfectly balanced citrus hops (citra, simcoe and centennial).

Label art is inspired by the stained glass art of Belgian abbeys. We put a modern twist on this design with a story around temptation with two nymphs protecting the citrus garden that provides immortality and applied modern and summer colors.

Slow Brewed Golden Ale

Belgenius slow brewed golden ale label art

All our ingredients are sourced in Belgium. 

- Brewed with 3 Belgian hops

- Special Belgian yeast that provides extra flavor when fermentation continues

- Extra long refermention in the bottle

- Total brewing, resting, fermentation and refermentation: 90 days!

- 8% alc/vol

- 29 IBU

Belgenius Slow Brewed Golden Ale

Top speciaalbier

De unieke Belgische gist en drie hopsoorten worden langzaam gebrouwen en gerijpt tot 90 dagen voor een verfijnde meesterlijke smaak.

Al onze ingrediënten zijn afkomstig uit België.

- Gebrouwen met 3 Belgische hops

- Speciale Belgische gist die extra smaak geeft wanneer de gisting doorgaat

- Extra lange hergisting op de fles

- Totaal brouwen, rusten, gisting en hergisting: 90 dagen!

Reviews van bierliefhebbers:


"Mooi blond bier"

"Volle smaak"

Good things come to those who wait

Belgenius slow brewed golden ale

Inspired by the virtue of patience. We brew in small batches using an authentic flavorful Belgian yeast and three of the finest Belgian hops. Our secret to achieving exceptional quality and balance is by allowing the taste to develop and mature for over 90 days until complete perfection.

Label art is focused on symbols of time and patience and each element was hand drawn by a Belgian tattoo artist. We then colored the design while adding a semi-realistic styling. We combine both very detailed work such as the inner radars of the pocket watch as well as more symbolic elements such as the sun (day) and moon (night).

What is a Belgian Golden Ale?

A Belgian golden ale is a complex and often higher alcohol beer. The color is typical gold yellow and often the beers are refermented. There are normally hints of fruitiness and a pleasant and mild bitterness level.

Belgian double i.p.a.

Belgenius Belgian Double IPA front label
Belgenius Double IPA Lion.jpg

This Lion does not sleep tonight

This roaring Double India Pale Ale starts with an optimal Belgian malt base balanced perfectly with bountiful hop aromas. We hunt for the best combination of 7 hops to achieve its mighty hoppy flavour.

The secondary fermentation inside the bottle provides the final finesse and elegant finish.

Fruity and crisp in the nose. Heavily hopped, great bitterness and balance.

Triple seven characteristics:

Alc/Vol: 7%

IBU: 70

Hops: 7 different hops

In het hol van de leeuw

Deze brullende Double India Pale Ale begint met een optimale Belgische moutbasis, perfect gebalanceerd met overvloedige hoparoma's.

We jagen op de beste combinatie van 7 hops om zijn machtige hoppige smaak te bereiken.


De hergisting in de fles zorgt voor de laatste finesse en elegante afwerking.

Fruitig en fris in de neus. Zwaar gehopt met grote aangename bitterheid en balans. Mooi elegant bitter.

Bio Wheat, Oats & Barley Ale

Belgenius Bio wheat oats & barley front
Belgenius Bio wheat oats barley ale.JPG

Our first organic and bio beer crafted with

three organic grains

This organic three grain blonde beer combines organic wheat, oats and barley in a unique and refreshing way for a sublime taste. The lightness of wheat, the creaminess of oats and high quality barley are complemented by special hops. The fruity yeast and the bottle conditioning further adds to its final wholesome character.

Bio / Organic ingredients

Alc/Vol: 6%

IBU: 22


Hops: 3 different Belgian hops


Three grains:

- Wheat = tarwe / blé
- Oat = haver / avoine
- Barley = gerst / orge

Enjoy our innovative beers
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