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Belfleur Elderflower Liqueur

Ultra Premium quality ingredients, 100% freshly picked elderflowers, small batch care and centuries of Belgian tradition

Leave it up to the Belgians to turn the abundance of Elderflower into a liqueur with an amazing flavor experience. Belfleur was inspired by the wonderful home-made elderflower drinks that are enjoyed in Belgium thanks to the abundance of local ‘vlierbloesem’ (Dutch for elderflower). 


This delicious elderflower liqueur is very versatile in a wide range of cocktails including champagne cocktails, gin cocktails, beer cocktails and vodka elderflower cocktails.


Enjoy the finesse of this Belgian craft spirits.

Elderflower Coctails

Elderflower Gin & Tonic

- 2 parts Belfleur elderflower liqueur 

- 3 parts classic dry gin (we like Belgin)

- 6 parts Tonic water


This cocktail is a perfect balance of the sweet and bitter tastes of elderflower, the quinine from the tonic and the juniper berries of the gin. Simply delicious!

Elderflower Champagne Spritz

- 5 parts champagne

- 1 part Belfleur elderflower liqueur


Variation: when using Cava or prosecco add a touch of sparkling water



- 25 ml Belfleur
- 100 ml cava

Chill both the Belfleur and the cava. Pour the Belfleur into your champagne flute and then top up with cava, making sure to leave space at the top for any bubbles that form. To garnish, add a frozen fresh raspberry.

Courtesey from

Belfleur vlierbloesem huisaperitief cock
belfeur raspberry cava cocktail.jpg


The taste of fresh elderflowers cannot be compared to any other ways to capture the flavor. Therefore we do not use freeze-dried or frozen flowers as many other products do. We also don’t use aromas as substitute for the elderflower taste.

Only the freshest of blossoms, harvested at their peak are used to preserve the wonderful flavor and aroma. These delicate blossoms are immediately macerated to capture their beautiful flavor.

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